Obsession and the cinema collide to create an erotically charged evening full of infatuation, suspense and Bernard Hermann's infamous soundtrack.

In 1999 we meet Nicola (Fiona Glascott) who is invited by her lecturer Alex (David Haig) to a Greek villa, where he has perhaps unearthed early Hitchcock footage.   What film does the celluloid show and who is that blonde?

Cut to 1959: the great Hitchcock (William Hootkins) is auditioning Janet Leigh's Psycho body double (Rosamund Pike). What is the extent of their relationship and how far does she have to go to become an actress?

Fade to 1919: Assuming the past has not disintegrated entirely.

Terry Johnson is an award-winning playwright and director. His previous plays include Dead Funny, Insignificance, Hysteria and Cleo, Camping Emmanuelle and Dick. He also adapted and directed The Graduate for the stage.

Royal Court Theatre Productions, Sonia Friedman Productions, Ted TulchinNederlander Producing Company and Weman Williams Entertainment present “HITCHCOCK BLONDE”. Written and Directed by Terry Johnson.