“I’ve always rather liked Jerry. To be honest, I’ve always liked him rather more than I’ve liked you. Maybe I should have had an affair with him myself.” Robert, Betrayal

Sometimes you’ll find there can be three people in a marriage…

Over a period of nine years, we are shown the high price of passion and the damage inflicted by desire. Harold Pinter’s play explores how our loves and our losses echo and accumulate through time

Kristin Scott Thomas, Douglas Henshall and Ben Miles will star in Ian Rickson’s new production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal at the Comedy Theatre from 27 May 2011. 


Sonia Friedman Productions in association with Robert G. Bartner and Norman Tulchin, 1001 Nights, Max Cooper, Scott M. Delman, Rupert Gavin and Scott & Brian Zeilinger/ Richard Winkler presents “BETRAYAL”.