“There’s nothin’ he could do that I wouldn’t forgive. Because he’s my son. Because I’m his father and he’s my son... Nothin’s bigger than that.”

All My Sons is Arthur Miller’s 20th century classic play about social responsibility set against personal gain. When Joe Keller places prosperity of his family above the lives of others the consequences are painful and calamitous.

Set over a single day in 1947, Joe Keller (David Suchet) is a proud father and successful business man who made his fortune during the Second World War. His wife Kate (ZoĆ« Wanamaker) refuses to give up hope of their youngest son, Larry, returning home, having been reported missing in action 3 years previous. The arrival of Larry’s childhood sweetheart Ann Deever (Jemima Rooper) at the request of their eldest son Chris (Stephen Campbell Moore) threatens to expose a dark secret that will tear their lives apart. 


Kim Poster for Stanhope Productions, Sonia Friedman Productions, Eric Falkenstein, Robert G/ Barnter and Norman Tulchin, Simon Meadow, Dan Frishwasser present “ALL MY SONS”.