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This production began performances on 7th May and closed on 23rd August 2003.

There are mysterious newcomers in town: the dark, intense Ponza; his seemingly shy, rather eccentric mother-in-law Signora Frola; and his reclusive young wife. No one understands their bizarre living arrangements. Everyone has a different theory as to the truth - and no one will countenance any other explanation. No one that is, except for the wry and elegant Laudisi. He mischievously offers to establish the truth - and takes delight in his gossiping neighbours' growing frustration as the answers continue to elude them...

 A brand new version by Martin Sherman of Luigi Pirandello's classic comedy Cosi e (se vi pare!), ABSOLUTELY! (Perhaps) offers theatregoers a unique opportunity to see the work of one of the world's greatest living directors. Franco Zeffirelli's outstanding achievements in world theatre, film and opera span almost half a century and are simply legendary.

Directing in London's West End for the first time in 25 years, Zeffirelli has assembled an all-star cast of exceptional quality. This new production also reunites Zeffirelli with leading British actress Joan Plowright - a partnership that has yielded success on both stage and screen, with highlights such as Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; Filumena and Tea with Mussolini.


OLIVER FORD DAVIES – Lamberto Laudisi

JOAN PLOWRIGHT – Signora Frola

DARRELL D'SILVA – Signor Ponza

HILARY TONES – Signora Ponza

BARRY STANTON – Councillor Agazzi

LIZA TARBUCK – Signora Amalia


ANNA CARTERET – Signora Sirelli

GAWN GRAINGER – Signor Sirelli


FRED RIDGEWAY – The Inspector

BRID BRENNAN – Signora Cini

LOLLY SUSI – Signora Nenni



MARTIN SHERMAN – Version Writer

FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI – Director and Set Designer

RAIMONDA GAETANI – Costume Designer

ANDREW BRIDGE – Lighting Designer

JOHN LEONARD – Sound Designer

JAREMY SAMS – Music and Musical Arrangements

LISA MAKIN – Casting Director

MICHAEL GIELETA – Resident Director

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