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The challenges of recouping on Broadway

Monday, 13 January 2014

She's snapping right at the heels of someone who is quite possibly the world's most successful theatrical producer of all time, at least financially speaking, and though she doesn't own any theatres personally (at least not yet), it's one of the few things separating them now in terms of power and influence in the two great theatrical meccas of the West End and Broadway. (Her company, though, falls under the umbrella of ATG, which is of course are top of the Stage 100 list and now owns the largest number of UK theatres as well as one of the biggest theatres on Broadway as well).

In fact, she's outstripping Mackintosh on at least one front: on the Internet Broadway database (, she has some 28 producing credits listed, whereas Mackintosh only has 13 (plus credits for 3 more that he originally produced earlier, different versions of). And Friedman's credits there have, moreover, been collected in the last decade, whereas Mackintosh's have occurred over more than 30 years.

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