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SONIA FRIEDMAN PRODUCTIONS (SFP) is an international production company responsible for some of the most successful theatre productions around the world.


Since 1990, SFP has developed, initiated and produced over 200 new productions and together the company has won 61 Olivier Awards, 39 Tonys and 3 BAFTAs.


In 2019, Sonia Friedman CBE was awarded ‘Producer of the Year’ at the Stage Awards for a record-breaking fourth time. In 2018, Friedman was also featured in TIME 100, a list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. In 2017, she took the number one spot in ‘The Stage 100’, becoming the first number one in the history of the compilation not to own or operate West End theatres and the first solo woman for almost 20 years.

"Regarded as the world’s most successful theatre producer... Friedman’s Midas touch has been well documented"

Financial Times

"Sonia Friedman’s portfolio of shows is testament to the export value of this dynamic British industry "

The Observer

"The credit ‘Sonia Friedman Productions’ is a guarantee of quality"



We have a wonderful team here at SFP, spanning Production, Development, Marketing, Sales & Ticketing, Finance, Administration, and Business Affairs, with team members based both in London and New York.

"The world's most successful theatre producer"

Financial Times

"The most powerful woman in theatre and the super producer behind Harry Potter and the Cursed Child "

The Sunday Times

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