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Sonia Friedman talks to Kirsty Lang for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row

Saturday, 26 March 2016

This year, Sonia Friedman Productions has been nominated for a total of 20 Olivier Awards across the company’s critically acclaimed productions of Hamlet, A Christmas Carol, Farinelli And The King, Oresteia and Bend It Like Beckham. Sonia Friedman has also supported the Good Chance Theatre in the Jungle camp in Calais.

During her career, Sonia Friedman has worked with some of the world’s greatest actors, directors and writers on more than 140 productions. Here, Tom Stoppard, Mark Rylance and Richard Eyre share some of their memories of meeting and working with one of the West End’s most prolific and successful producers.

Click here to listen to Sonia’s interview with Kirsty in full.

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