The Book of Mormon

‘Can somone get me a ticket?’
BBC Radio 1

‘I absolutely loved it’
The Independent

‘It's hilaroius - God have mercy on my soul’
Sunday Telegraph

‘Heaven on Broadway. The Book of Mormon achieves something like a miracle. The kind of newborn, old-fashioned, pleasure-giving musical that our grandparents told us left them walking on air if not on water. A celebration of the privilege, for just a couple of hours, of living inside that improbable paradise called a musical comedy.’
The New York Times

‘Revolutionary and classic, hilarious and humane, and unafraid of just about anything. I believe!’
Entertainment Weekly

‘A heavenly musical. Oh boy, it's a real winner. You catch yourself laughing one minute, mouth agape the next, eventually wiping away tears, and, finally, cheering.’
New York Daily News

‘A huge hit. A whole lotta sung, danced and acted glory. It grabs the audience by the lapels and won't let go.’
The Huffington Post

‘It's hard to imagine anyone topping the ding-dong hilarity set off by The Book of Mormon. The farcical stampede is unstoppable. The Book of Mormon has the propulsive verve of a runaway hit.’
Los Angeles Times

‘The show's a hoot. The show's a hit. By the time The Book of Mormon ends in an orgy of over-the-top cheer, you just can't wait to get on that ride all over again.’
New York Post

‘History is made. They had me at 'Hello'. The Book of Mormon is on its march into legend.’
Rolling Stone Magazine

‘Musical-comedy heaven. The Book of Mormon is a mystic revelation, the most exuberantly entertaining Broadway musical in years.’
Time Out New York