‘An instant, modern classic. Mark Rylance gives one of the greatest stage performances I have ever witnessed.’
The Daily Telegraph

‘Jerusalem, beautifully directed by Rickson, proves to be even better than its ecstatic publicity suggests…. The cast are uniformly superb but Rylance is in a league of his own.’
The Independent

‘Refreshing, humane, touching and wickedly funny.'
Evening Standard

‘A hilarious, enchanting, affecting evening. Rylance, the most exciting stage actor of his generation, playing one of the juiciest roles in living memory.’
The Times

‘This play, this production, this performance are sensational.'
Financial Times

‘Jerusalem will surely wind up trailing trophies like pots on a tinker’s wagon. And it’s easy to see why.'
Daily Mail

‘A riveting hymn to England.’
Daily Express

‘A new play of irrepressible energy, wonderful wit and wild wonder.’
Sunday Express

‘Spellbinding, exuberant and glowingly atmospheric, it teems with faultless performances, central among them Mark Rylance's extraordinary portrayal of Johnny.  You'd be mad to miss it.’
Time Out