It takes someone difficult to change the world.

Confronted by the terrible death toll of childbed fever, maverick Doctor Semmelweis makes a discovery that could save hundreds of thousands of new mothers. But when the medical establishment questions his methods, rejects his theory and doubts his sanity, the controversial surgeon finds that being a genius is not enough.

Haunted by the ghosts of the women he could not save, can he convince a corrupt institution to see the truth?

This powerful World Premiere is based on an original idea from Mark Rylance (Jerusalem, Wolf Hall, Bridge of Spies), developed
with Writer Stephen Brown (Occupational Hazards) and Director Tom Morris (War Horse, Touching the Void).

Rylance is internationally known for his long association with Shakespeare’s Globe, and his many performances in the West End, on Broadway and on screen. He will play the role of Semmelweis in his Bristol Old Vic debut.